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Brown, Ken.  The Scarecrow’s Hat.  Peachtree, 2001.  Gr. K-2
An enterprising chicken would like to have scarecrow’s hat for her nest, but he would like a walking stick in return, thus initiating a series of swaps with different animals until chicken finally gets what she wants. Lush watercolor paintings complement the story.

Brown, Margaret Wise.  The Little Scarecrow Boy.  Illus. by David Diaz.  Joanna Cotler, 1998.
Gr. PreK-1
Warm, watercolor illustrations in fall colors illustrate this tale of a young scarecrow who would like to accompany his scarecrow father to the fields, but he is repeatedly told that he is too young and has not yet mastered the fierce facial expressions needed to scare crows. The rhythmic, repetitive text makes this book a good read-aloud for young listeners.

Bunting, Eve.  Peepers.  Illus. by James Ransome.  Harcourt, 2001.  Gr. 1-3
Two brothers accompany their father on Fall Leaf Color tours, but they don’t see why people think the sights are so spectacular. In the end, they grow to appreciate the beauty of what they have.

Chernesky, Felicia Sanzari.  Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes.  Illus. by Susan Swan.  Albert Whitman, 2013.  Gr. K-3
Brightly colored collage illustrations complement a rhymed text about a family's trip to the pumpkin patch. Throughout the lovely autumn scenery, they notice all sorts of shapes--square hay bales, diamond kites, round baskets, triangular pie slices, scarecrows dressed in polka dots and plaid, and much more.

dePaola, Tomie.  Strega Nona’s Harvest.  Putnam, 2009.  Gr. K-3
Strega Nona tries to teach Big Anthony about gardening, but when he tries her growing spell instead of following her directions, their bounty of vegetables gets a little out of hand. Another installment in this delightful series!

Dillon, Jana.  Jeb Scarecrow’s Pumpkin Patch.  Houghton Mifflin, 1992.  Gr. K-3
The crows have chosen Jeb’s pumpkin patch as the site of their annual harvest party, much to his dismay. Fortunately, Jeb has a plan to save his pumpkins.

Ehlert, Lois.  Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.  Harcourt, 1991.  Gr. 1-3
Striking collage illustrations show the life of a sugar maple. Other bits of information are included in the text and illustrations, including bird facts and gardening tips.

Ehlert, Lois.  Leaf Man.  Harcourt, 2005. Gr.  K-3
Leaf Man wanders by all sorts of animals and items made from leaf collages, utilizing a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes of leaves. The various leaves and seeds are identified on the endpapers. This eye-popping book is sure to inspire a few walks in the leaves as well as the creativity of its readers.

Fletcher, Ralph.  Hello, Harvest Moon.  Illus. by Kate Kiesler.  Clarion, 2003.  Gr. K-3
Luminous oil paintings cast the glow of a harvest moon on peaceful autumn scenes. A lyrical text of superb word choice describes the effect of the moon on people and animals.

Florian, Douglas.  Autumnblings.  Greenwillow, 2003.  Gr. K-5
Watercolor and colored pencil paintings illustrate this collection of poems about all things autumn. The poems are lively, filled with puns and plays on words. Great for reading aloud!

Franco, Betsy.  Fresh Fall Leaves.  Illus. by Shari Halpern.  Scholastic, 1994.  Gr. PreK-1
Very brief text describes the joys of playing in fallen leaves.

Gerber, Carole.  Leaf Jumpers.  Illus. by Leslie Evans.  Charlesbridge, 2004.  Gr. K-2
Two children and their dog celebrate the fall season by describing the colors and shapes of leaves from common trees. Ultimately, they help rake the leaves and jump in the piles. A brief explanation of why leaves change color is appended.

Glaser, Linda.  It’s Fall!  Illus. by Susan Swan.  Millbrook, 2001.  Gr. K-2
Paper sculpture illustrations highlight experiences of the fall season, including changes in plants and animal behaviors.

Goldstone, Bruce.  Awesome Autumn.  Henry Holt, 2012.  Gr. 1-4
A collection of fun and information related to the autumn season. Lively explanations, color photographs, and craft ideas included.

Hall, Michael.  Wonderfall.  Greenwillow, 2016.  Gr. K-3
An oak tree watches autumn arrive in this collection of 15 poems illustrated with brightly colored digital collages representative of the season. For fun, the titles of the poems involve wordplay, substituting fall for the suffix – ful. Appended notes offer information about the animals in the book. A lovely passage of fall right up to the first snowfall.

Hall, Zoe.  Fall Leaves Fall!  Illus. by Shari Halpern.  Scholastic, 2000.  Gr. K-1
There is a lot of fun to be had with leaves, and the two children in this story make the most of their opportunities. Colorful paper collages reinforce the energy of the text. Some scientific information about leaves is appended.

Hirschi, Ron.  Fall.  Photographs by Thomas Mangelsen.  Cobblehill/Dutton, 1991.  Gr. 1-3
Simple text and beautiful photographs express the joys of the fall season.

Holland, Loretta.  Fall Leaves.  Illus. by Elly MacKay.  HMH, 2014.  Gr. K-2
The natural world gets ready for winter in this serene picture book.

Hunter, Anne.  Possum’s Harvest Moon.  Houghton Mifflin, 1996.  Gr. K-2
Beneath the light of a huge harvest moon, Possum wants to have one last party, but his friends are all getting ready for winter. Eventually, they can’t resist the magic of the moon and the fun begins.

Jackson, Ellen B.  Autumn Equinox: Celebrating the Harvest.  Illus. by Jan Davey Ellis.  Millbrook, 2000.  Gr. 2-5
Excellent introduction to autumn equinox celebrations around the world. Recipes, games, and crafts are included. Folk art illustrations capture the spirit of the various cultures.

Littlewood, Valerie.  Scarecrow!  Dutton, 1992.  Gr. 3-5
Short chapters provide history, lore, and facts about scarecrows. The writing style is conversational, but the vocabulary is challenging. Each chapter is illustrated with a scarecrow in all manner of dress and “scariness.”

Maass, Robert.  When Autumn Comes.  Henry Holt, 1990.  Gr. K-2
Color photographs illustrate a brief text that discusses the many different kinds of activities of the fall season, including preparations people make for winter.

Maass, Robert.  A Is for Autumn.  Henry Holt, 2011.  Gr. Pre-1
Full color photographs illustrate a single sentence for each letter of the alphabet relating to the fall season.

Maestro, Betsy.  Why Do Leaves Change Color?  Illus. by Loretta Krupinski.  HarperCollins, 1994.  Gr. 1-4
This early science book explains what happens to leaves in autumn.  Illustrations of leaves in different sizes, shapes, and colors, are included along with instructions for making a leaf rubbing and pressing leaves.

McCarty, Peter.  Fall Ball.  Henry Holt, 2013.  Gr. K-3
School children have waited a long time for the crisp cool weather of fall to play football outdoors. Imagine their surprise when it starts to snow! Delightful illustrations depict signs of fall.

Meadows, Michelle.  Hibernation Station.  Illus. by Kurt Cyrus.  Simon & Schuster, 2010.  Gr. Pre-2
All sorts of animals occupy the hibernation "train," which is made of hollow logs. Some things get in the way as the animals prepare for winter, but the bear in charge gets them all squared away as the train enters the station just in time for winter. Rhyming text and humorous illustrations are highlights of this simple introduction to the concept of hibernation. Facts about hibernation are appended.

Nidey, Kelli.  When Autumn Falls.  Illus. by Susan Swan.  Albert Whitman, 2004. Gr. K-2
Easy-to-read rhymed text and paper collage illustrations represent a cheerful look at the varied activities of autumn season.

O'Brien, Anne Sibley.  Hocus Pocus, It's Fall!  Illus. by Susan Gal.  Abrams Appleseed, 2016.
Gr. Pre-1
For the youngest readers, a series of vividly colored gatefold illustrations and a simple rhymed text explore various aspects of the fall season including pumpkins, apple-picking, leaves falling, and more.

Pak, Kenard.  Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn.  Henry Holt, 2016.  Gr. K-2
A young girl walks through country and town greeting trees, animals, flowers, and the cooling wind as signs of autumn begin to emerge. Lush watercolor illustrations depict the gentle seasonal changes in a book that invites readers to notice them as well.

Pfeffer, Wendy.  We Gather Together.  Illus. by Linda Bleck.  Dutton, 2006. Gr. 1-4
Brightly colored illustrations enhance an informative text that discusses ways in which animals and people prepare for winter, changes in the weather, the autumnal equinox, and harvest traditions around the world.

Plourde, Lynn.  Bella's Fall Coat.  Illus. by Susan Gal.  Disney/Hyperion, 2016.  Gr. K-2
Bella loves everything about autumn - the sights, the sounds, the colors. She also loves the fall coat her grandmother made for her, but it's getting too small and worn out. Much to Bella's dismay, Grams says she needs a new one. Grams is able to solve the problem in a thoughtful, loving way. Lots of onomatopoeia. Great word choice of verbs. Luscious vibrant artwork. Delightful multi-generational story.

Preston, Tim.  The Lonely Scarecrow.  Illus. by Maggie Kneen.  Dutton, 1999.  Gr. K-3
A scarecrow would like to be friends with the birds and other animals that live at the edge of his field, but they are afraid of his menacing appearance. When a snowstorm transforms him into a snowman of sorts, they get to know him and continue to be his friends even after they learn his true identity.

Raczka, Bob.  Fall Mixed Up.  Illus. by Chad Cameron.  Carolrhoda, 2011.
Gr. K-2
All sorts of mix ups related to the fall season in the words and pictures will have listeners clamoring to sort them out in this interactive read-aloud.

Rawlinson, Julia.  Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.  Illus. by Tiphanie Beeke.  Greenwillow, 2006.  Gr. K-2
Fletcher, a young fox, worries when the leaves on his favorite tree turn brown. He tries to save the tree, and when the last leaf falls, he takes it home with him. His fears are eased when he sees the tree transformed with ice and snow and comes to understand the changing of the seasons.

Robbins, Ken.  Autumn Leaves.  Scholastic, 1998.   Gr. 1-3
Exquisite hand-tinted photographs of different types of leaves complement an informational text that describes them and the trees from which they come. Good information about the shapes and characteristics of leaves.

Rogasky, Barbara (Ed.).  Leaf by Leaf: Autumn Poems.  Photographs by Marc Tauss.  Scholastic, 2001.  All ages
Luscious color photographs illustrate 25 poems about autumn by a number of well-known poets.

Rossiter, Nan Parson.  The Way Home.  Dutton, 1999.  Gr. K-3
A boy and his father rescue an injured Canada goose and experience feelings of sadness and hope as the goose and her mate fly away for the winter. Lovely autumn landscapes of farm scenes highlight the text.

Rylant, Cynthia.  Henry and Mudge under the Yellow Moon.  Illus. by Sucie Stevenson.  Simon & Schuster, 1997.  Gr. K-2
In three short stories, Henry and his big dog Mudge enjoy the fall season.

Rylant, Cynthia.  Poppleton in Fall.  Illus. by Mark Teague.  Scholastic, 1999.  Gr. 1-3
Three short stories featuring pig Poppleton for beginning independent readers about geese flying south, needing a new coat for winter, and a pancake feed.

Rylant, Cynthia.  The Scarecrow.  Illus. by Lauren Stringer.  Harcourt, 1998.  Gr. 2-4
Peaceful acrylic paintings illustrate this gentle story about the life of a scarecrow and his appreciation of nature’s gifts.

Schnur, Steven.  Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic.  Illus. by Leslie Evans.  Clarion, 1997.  Gr. 1-4
Acrostic poems for each letter of the alphabet on an autumn theme. Hand-colored linoleum block prints illustrate the poems, depicting, for the most part, everyday objects and activities.

Schweninger, Ann.  Autumn Days.  Viking, 1991.  Gr. K-3
Text explores the changes that occur during the autumn season.

Simon, Seymour.  Autumn Across America.  Hyperion, 1993.  Gr. 3-5
In some sophisticated science writing, the author explains changes that occur in the autumn season. Full-color photographs are a feast for the eyes.

Spinelli, Eileen.  I Know It’s Autumn.  Illus. by Nancy Hayashi.  HarperCollins, 2004.  Gr. Pre-2
Watercolor washes highlight a rhymed text in which a little girl relates the different ways she knows that the autumn season has arrived.

Stein, David Ezra.   Leaves.  Putnam, 2007.  Gr. Pre-2
A young bear, who loves the island he lives on, is dismayed when he sees leaves falling from the trees. He tries to stick them back on, but that doesn’t work very well. He goes off to hibernate and when he emerges in the spring, he is overjoyed to see tiny green buds on the branches. Lovely paintings (particularly the autumn scenes) depict the innocence of the bear and encourage an appreciation for the “friendship” of trees.

Thompson, Lauren.  Mouse’s First Fall.  Illus. by Buket Erdogan.  Simon & Schuster, 2006.
Gr. Pre K-2
While he and friend are playing in the leaves, Mouse learns about their different shapes and colors. Large, colorful paintings enhance the simple text. Good read-aloud.

Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth.  Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!  Marshall Cavendish, 2003.  Gr. 2-4
Buddy Bear and his mother go on leaf walks during all the seasons as she explains the changes that occur in leaves. Illustrated with cut-paper collages, the text nicely blends fiction and nonfiction. Leaf shapes, jokes, and a considerable amount of plant science vocabulary contribute to the presentation.

Wright, Maureen.  Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!  Illus. by Will Hillenbrand.  Marshall Cavendish, 2011.  Gr. K-3
Bear believes that when he sneezes, the leaves fall off the trees, the geese fly away, etc., in spite of what the wind tells him. The wind loses her temper and finally convinces him. Rhyming text and humorous illustrations.

Yee, Wong Herbert.  My Autumn Book.  Henry Holt, 2015.  Gr. Pre-2
A descriptive rhyming text and colorful illustrations highlight a little girl who investigates the season using a camera and a notebook. She notices all sorts of details and incorporates her observations into an "Autumn Book." Good choice for vocabulary development and science class.

Yolen, Jane.  Harvest Home.  Illus. by Greg Shed.  Harcourt, 2002.  Gr. 1-4
In rhythmic verse, a girl tells about the hard work of her family in bringing in the wheat harvest. Glowing paintings illustrate the text. A discussion of harvest customs around the world is appended.

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