Winter is a great time to curl up with a good book or two. Add these seasonal books to your own wintertime favorites. Take a look in the Activities Calendars for the first day of winter to find weblinks and activities.


Arnold, Marsha Diane.  Lost. Found.  Illus. by Matthew Cordell.  Roaring Brook, 2015.  Gr. Pre-2
Two words, "Lost" and "Found" along with some onomatopoeia, make up the entire story about a bear's red scarf that gets carried away by the wind on a winter's day. The scarf has a number of adventures with some forest animals until all that's left is a pile of yarn. Humorous watercolor illustrations effectively tell this nearly wordless story all the way to its satisfying conclusion.

Arnosky, Jim.  Sketching Outdoors in Winter.  Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1988.  Gr. 2-5
Arnosky offers tips for drawing animals and landscapes during the winter season.

Aylesworth, Jim.  The Mitten.  Illus. by Barbara McClintock.  Scholastic, 2009.  Gr. K-2
Another version of the familiar tale in which several animals seek to warm their icy toes by crowding into the same mitten. Lots of repeated lines for students to chant during oral reading. Delicate pen-and-ink illustrations provide numerous details. Compare with versions by Jan Brett and by Alvin Tresselt.

Baird, Audrey B.  A Cold Snap!: Frosty Poems.  Illus. by Patrick O’Brien.  Boyds Mills, 2002.  Gr. 1-5
Free verse poems depict the bitter chill of winter, with illustrations that match the coolness.

Baker, Keith.  No Two Alike.  Beach Lane, 2011.  Gr. K-2
Simple rhymed text follows two red birds through a snowy landscape as they compare the unique aspects of the nature around them. Perfect for reading aloud and so much to look for in the digitally rendered illustrations.

Bauer, Caroline Feller (Editor).  Snowy Day: Stories and Poems.  Illus. by Margot Tomes.  HarperCollins, 1987.  Gr. 2-5
Short stories, poems, craft projects, snow facts, and even recipes make up this collection celebrating snow.

Bean, Jonathan.  Big Snow.  Farrar Straus Giroux, 2013.  Gr. P-2
A small boy just can't wait for snow, and everything he does around the house to help his mother reminds him of snow. After he awakens from a dream about a really big snow, he discovers that it has indeed snowed but not to the depths of his imagination. Sure to appeal to readers who long for snow.

Berger, Carin.  A Perfect Day.  Greenwillow, 2012.  Gr. P-2
Exquisite collage illustrations complement a brief text that explores the beauty of a wintry landscape and all the fun a group of children have in the snow.

Bond, Rebecca.  This Place in the Snow.  Dutton, 2004.  Gr. K-2
A snowplow has come through a village and left a large mound of snow. All of the children use their imaginations to create a spectacular place to play. A lyrical text and colorful illustrations show the day as nothing but fun!

Branley, Franklin.  Snow is Falling.  Illus. by Holly Keller.  HarperCollins, 2000.  Gr. 2-4
In this easy-to-read science selection, the text and cheerful watercolor illustrations explain the physical qualities of snow and discuss the joys and hazards. Includes some experiments.

Brett, Jan.  The Three Snow Bears.  Putnam, 2007.  Gr. Pre-2
In this “Three Bears” story set in the far North, a little girl discovers the igloo of three polar bears out for a walk because their soup is too hot. She’s on foot because her sled dogs have floated away on an ice floe. While she is sipping soup, trying on the bears’ boots, and sleeping in their comfy blankets, the bears are rescuing her dogs. Brett’s signature illustrations help make the book a read-aloud natural.

Briggs, Raymond.  The Snowman.  Random House, 1978.  Gr. K-3
In this wordless classic, a snowman takes a little boy on an incredible nighttime adventure.

Buehner, Caralyn.  Snowmen at Night.  Illus. by Mark Buehner.  Dial, 2002.  Gr. Pre-2
Rhyming text and oil and acrylic paintings provide a glimpse into the nighttime frolicking of snowmen after everyone has gone to bed. Readers will want to be part of this fun!  Also: Snowmen at Christmas (2005) and Snowmen at Work (2012)

Carr, Jan.  Frozen Noses.  Illus. by Dorothy Donohue.  Holiday House, 1999.  Gr. Pre-1
Colorful collage illustrations depict three children discovering the joys of a winter day.

Casanova, Mary.  One-Dog Sleigh.  Illus. by Ard Hoyt.  Farrar Straus Giroux, 2013.  Gr. K-2
Delightful onomatopoeia-filled rhyme and humorous illustrations tell the tale of a girl and her dog in their pony-pulled little red sleigh on a winter day. It starts out with just the two of them, but before long, a series of increasingly large animals pile onto the sleigh too, creating a near disaster. Fun for reading aloud.

Cassino, Mark, with Jon Nelson.  The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder.  Chronicle, 2009.
Gr. 2-5
Incredible photos of snow crystals and a selection of diagrams illustrate clear explanations of the phenomenon of snow. Pair this book with Snowflake Bentley (Martin, 1998).

Christelow, Eileen.  The Five-Dog Night.  Clarion, 1993.  Gr. K-3
Ezra, who lives with five dogs, has a neighbor Betty who visits often (too often, he thinks). Still, she worries about his keeping warm and brings him a blanket, which he doesn’t need—he judges the coldness of the weather by how many dogs he needs to keep warm. After he tells her to go away, he misses her and come spring, he goes to visit and discovers she has some dogs of her own to keep her warm. Cheerful watercolor illustrations.

Colandro, Lucille.  There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow.  Illus. by Jared Lee.  Scholastic, 2003.  Gr. K-2
Patterned after the old rhyme, the old lady gobbles an unusual assortment of objects and eventually coughs up a snowman. Cartoon-like illustrations add to the humor.

Cook, Lisa Broadie.  Martin MacGregor’s Snowman.  Illus. by Adam McCauley.  Walker, 2003.  Gr. K-3
Martin desperately wants it to snow and when it doesn’t, he tries EVERYTHING he can think of to create a snowman. Many of these escapades involve his little sister, to the chagrin of his parents. Just when he thinks all hope is lost (because spring has arrived)…you guessed it! Bright, expressive paintings reflect the humor of the story.

Crews, Nina.  Snowball.  Greenwillow, 1997.  Gr. Pre-2
A brief text follows a child’s eager anticipation of snow and when it finally arrives, she revels in it by making one snowball after another. Color photographs cut into collages reflect the diversity of a city scene.

Cuyler, Margery.  The Biggest Best Snowman.  Illus. by Will Hillenbrand.  Scholastic, 1998.  Gr. K-2
Little Nell, a tiny girl who lives with her BIG mama and BIG sisters is dismayed when they never let her help, so she heads for the forest where, with the help of some animal friends, builds an amazing snowman. Mixed media illustrations complement the story delightfully. Listeners will enjoy deciphering the writing in the snow.

Davis, Jacky.  Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow.  Illus. by David Soman.  Dial, 2013.  Gr. Pre-2
This installment in the Ladybug Girl series has Lulu and her dog Bingo waking up to a big snow and making plans for a great day. A few mishaps result in Lulu's not having the day she expected, but all ends well as Lulu uses her imagination.

Denslow, Sharon Phillips.  In the Snow.  Illus. by Nancy Tafuri.  Greenwillow, 2005.  Gr. Pre-1
After a child leaves seeds in the snow, a variety of birds and animals come to eat. The large, colorful animals fill the pages leaving behind noticeable footprints. Simple, rhymed text, perfect for sharing aloud and making predictions.

Dunrea, Olivier.  It’s Snowing!  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2002.  Gr. Pre-K
Exquisite gouache paintings illustrate a lyrical text in which a mother lovingly introduces her baby to the beauties of snow. She encourages the baby to experience the snow with all of his senses. They ride a sled and a bear snow sculpture. Lovely time—lovely book.

Edwards, Richard.  Copy Me, Copycub.  Illus. by Susan Winter.  HarperCollins, 1999.  Gr. Pre-2
A mother bear encourages her cub to copy her actions so he may learn to survive in the wild. The onset of a snowstorm challenges her ability to get him to follow her. Delicate illustrations complement this ideal read-aloud for young nature lovers.

Ehlert, Lois.  Snowballs.  Harcourt, 1995.  Gr. K-2
Bold collage art depicts the building of an entire snow family using objects not typically found on snowmen. Like Ehlert’s other books, there is no wasted space—at the end of the book, there are winter facts, a recipe for popcorn balls, some photos of snowmen, and even some forecasts for snow on the back cover.

Figley, Marty Rhodes.  The Schoolchildren’s Blizzard.  Illus. by Shelly O. Haas.  Carolrhoda, 2004.  Gr. 2-4
Set in Nebraska, the book is based on the true story of teacher Minnie Freeman who led her students to safety during the blinding storm of January 12, 1888.

Fisher, Carolyn.  The Snow Show.  Harcourt, 2008.  Gr. 1-4
A cooking show, starring snowman Chef Kelvin, whips up a batch of snow that includes all the ingredients and an explanation of how snowflakes are made. Definitions of related vocabulary and humorous side comments abound. A commercial and outtakes add further to the humor. Additional facts about snow and a recipe for “Polar Pops” are appended. Some of the humor may be over the heads of the book’s intended audience, but the information is sound.

Fleming, Denise.  The First Day of Winter.  Henry Holt, 2005.  Gr. K-2
Reminiscent of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” a snowman is given items for 10 days until he is magnificent. Fleming’s signature paper-pulp and stencil illustrations are brightly colored against the snowy backgrounds and allow viewers to look at the snowman from multiple perspectives.

Florian, Douglas.  Winter Eyes: Poems and Paintings.  Greenwillow, 1999.  Gr. 2-5
Colored pencil and watercolor illustrations highlight this collection of poems that explore the beauty of winter as well as the enjoyment of activities in the snow.

Gammell, Stephen.  Is That You Winter?  Harcourt, 1997.  Gr. K-3
Grumpy Old Man Winter doesn’t think anyone appreciates him. After he has dumped a substantial blizzard on the earth, a little girl gives him a kiss and thanks him for the snow, improving his mood immensely. Large splashes of white and blue depict the snowstorm beautifully.

George, Jean Craighead.  Dear Rebecca, Winter Is Here.  Illus. by Loretta Krupinski.  HarperCollins, 1993.  Gr. 1-3
On the shortest day of the year, a grandmother writes to her granddaughter telling her about the changes of the earth and the animals in winter and the preparation of all living things for the spring that follows.

George, Jean Craighead.  Snowboard Twist.  Illus. by Wendell Minor.  Katharine Tegen Books, 2004.
Gr. 1-4
This blend of fiction and information, illustrated by richly colored, realistic paintings, tells of snowboarding in the mountains and how avalanches occur. There’s a bit of action and adventure when an avalanche occurs as children are snowboarding, and the dog assists with the rescue.

George, Lindsay Barrett.  In the Snow: Who’s Been Here?  Greenwillow, 1995.  Gr. K-2
On their way to a sledding hill, two children and their dog follow the signs of animal life. Richly colored and detailed paintings depict the woodland animals that left the signs. This book might inspire children to look for their own clues in the snow.

Gerber, Carole.  Winter Trees.  Illus. by Leslie Evans.  Charlesbridge, 2008.  Gr. K-2
A boy and his dog move among leafless trees as the text describes shapes, textures, and other features, such as a bird’s nest. The text, that is both informational and playful, is illustrated in bright linoleum block prints, collage, and watercolors. Overall, it’s a lovely winter walk in the snow! Information about the trees is appended.

Gibbons, Gail.  It's Snowing!  Holiday House, 2011.  Gr. 1-4
In Gibbons' typical detailed and highly readable fashion, readers can learn how snowflakes are formed, places where snow falls, how to prepare for a snowstorm, and about different types of snowstorms. Colorful illustrations supplement the text.

Glaser, Linda.  It’s Winter!  Illus. by Susan Swan.  Millbrook, 2002.  Gr. Pre-2
Cut-paper illustrations and a rhythmic text explore the joys of winter with a little girl who enjoys being in the snow and marvels at what animals do in winter.

Goldstone, Bruce.  Wonderful Winter: All Kinds of Winter Facts and Fun.  Henry Holt, 2016.  Gr. K-3
Illustrated with colorful photographs, this lively text offers explanations of a variety of winter phenomena, including nature and aspects of our daily lives.

Hart, Alison.  Anna’s Blizzard.  Peachtree, 2005.  Gr. 4-6
Twelve-year-old Anna enjoys living and working on her farm on the Nebraska prairie, but is much less confident in school. When an unexpected blizzard traps her class in the one-room schoolhouse, it is up to Anna and her horse to lead them to safety. This suspenseful story is based on the “Schoolchildren’s Blizzard” of 1888.

Hines, Anna Grossnickle.  Winter Lights: A Season in Poems and Quilts.  Greenwillow/HarperCollins, 2005.  Gr. 2-5
Winter light, including the stars of the winter solstice, the aurora borealis, and lights associated with several holidays, serves as the inspiration for this collection of poems illuminated by Hines’s quilts. An explanation of how the quilts were made is appended.

Hirschi, Ron.  Winter.  Photos by Thomas D. Mangelson.  Dutton, 1990.  Gr. K-3
Exquisite full-color photographs enhance a spare text about the natural world in winter.

Howe, James.  Houndsley and Catina and the Quiet Time.  Illus. by Marie-Louise Gay.  Candlewick, 2008.
Gr. K-2
A snowstorm interrupts the performance plans of a musical dog and cat, but Houndsley creates a diversion for Catina with a cozy indoor day of reading books, writing poetry, playing games, and sharing their dreams. Soft watercolor illustrations add to the coziness of day.

Hubbell, Patricia.  Snow Happy!  Illus. by Hiroe Nikata.  Tricycle Press, 2010.  Gr. Pre-1
A bouncy rhyming text follows the joyful activities of some children, their parents, and grandparents as they spend a day playing in the snow. Good for interactive read-aloud.

Johnson, David A.  Snow Sounds: An Onomatopoeic Story.  Houghton Mifflin, 2006.  Gr. K-3
In this very nearly wordless book, a little boy enjoys the sounds of a snowy day—the snow plow, his father using a snowblower, he himself shoveling snow, and finally the “honk” of the schoolbus horn. The full-bleed ink and watercolor illustrations capture the snowy day perfectly. Younger readers will appreciate making the all the sounds, while older students will enjoy creating a story to go with them.

Judge, Lita.  Red Sled.  Atheneum, 2011.  Gr. Pre-2
Wordless except for the sound effects of the animals in the snow, pencil and watercolor illustrations depict woodland creatures taking a child's sled for a joyride in the nighttime. A wintry delight!

Kaneko, Yuki.  Into the Snow.  Illus. by Masamitsu Saito.  Enchanted Lion, 2016.  Gr. Pre-1
There's nothing quite like playing in the snow! Readers get to share a young boy's adventures with words and pictures filled with sensory experiences.

Keats, Ezra Jack.  The Snowy Day.  Viking, 1962  Gr. K-2
This Caldecott classic has its place on any snowy day (and even when it doesn’t snow) as Peter experiences the joy of discovery in the snow.

Keller, Holly.  Geraldine’s Big Snow.  Greenwillow, 1988.  Gr. Pre-2
Geraldine the pig is anxiously and impatiently awaiting the first big snow of the season. Engaging illustrations reinforce this feeling familiar to many children.

Kirk, Daniel.  Snow Dude.  Hyperion, 2004.  Gr. K-3
Just like the gingerbread man, the snow dude comes to life and challenges everyone he meets to catch him. One of the two children who built him suggests that they build a snow dude for each of them, and they have a grand time. Bright, colorful illustrations and rhyming text make the book fun for reading aloud.

Kirk, Daniel.  The Snow Family.  Hyperion, 2000.  Gr. K-2
A human boy joins some snow children in raucous play that wakes up a bear. Fortunately, his parents arrive in time to save the day, and they help him build snow parents for the mischievous children to keep them in line. The large, colorful illustrations of snow-filled landscapes complete with snowmen are appealing.

Koehler, Lora.  The Little Snowplow.  Illus. by Jake Parker.  Candlewick, 2015.  Gr. K-2
None of the BIG trucks on the road crew think that the little snowplow that joins their force will be able to handle the blizzards. He thinks differently, however, and works hard to build his strength so he is ready! When the time comes, he proves that even the smallest can be heroes. Cheerful illustrations and many types of vehicles to locate.

Kroll, Steven.  The Biggest Snowman Ever.  Illus. by Jeni Bassett.  Scholastic, 2005.  Gr. K-2
Two mice each claim that he will make the biggest snowman for the town snowman contest, but building one is very hard to do. As the day of the contest grows closer, they realize that by working together they can build a very big snowman.

Laminack, Lester.  Snow Day!  Illus. by Adam Gustavson.  Peachtree, 2007.  Gr. K-3
There is nothing like the gift of a snow day! Students (and teachers) have big plans for what they will do, and the children and adults in this story are not exceptions. Unfortunately, those great plans don’t always have the chance to be realized. The oil painting illustrations are filled with just as much anticipation as the text.

Lee, Huy Voun.  In the Snow.  Henry Holt, 1995.  Gr. K-3
As Xiao Ming and his mother take a wintry walk, she scratches Chinese characters in the snow, teaching him the 10 symbols in a way he can understand them. Cut paper collage illustrations help clarify the concepts.

Lester, Helen.  Tacky and the Winter Games.  Illus. by Lynn Munsinger.  Houghton Mifflin, 2005.  Gr. K-3
Part of the beloved series about Tacky the penguin, this story has Tacky and the other penguins training hard for the Winter Games. Because of Tacky’s usual antics, however, their chances of winning anything seems slim. Humorous text and illustrations.

Maass, Robert.  When Winter Comes.  Henry Holt, 1993.  Gr. K-2
In simple text, this photo-essay shows scenes of both work and play in winter.

MacLachlan, Patricia.  Snowflakes Fall.  Illus. by Steven Kellogg.  Random House, 2013.  Gr. P-3
Lyrical free verse celebrates not only the uniqueness of every snowflake, but also of every child. The dazzling illustrations accompany the text in reminding us of the cyclical nature of our world. This collaboration by MacLachlan and Kellogg is in tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Manushkin, Fran.  How Mama Brought the Spring.  Illus. by Holly Berry.  Dutton, 2008.  Gr. K-3
When Rosy doesn’t want to get up on a particularly cold morning, her mother tells her about growing up in Belarus where winters are very cold. She explains how her own mother made blintzes to bring the spring. So Rosy and her mama settle in to make blintzes hoping to have the same effect. Colorful folk-like illustrations enhance the story. A recipe for blintzes in included.

Martin, Jacqueline Briggs.  Snowflake Bentley.  Illus. by Mary Azarian.  Houghton Mifflin, 1998.  Gr. 1-4
This Caldecott Medal-winning picture book biography captures the life of Wilson Bentley and his passion for snowflakes. This self-taught scientist spent his life photographing snow crystals. Exquisite woodcuts hand-tinted with watercolors depict the time in which he lived. A photo of Bentley and three of his snowflake photographs are included. Spectacular book!

Messner, Kate.  Over and Under the Snow.  Illus. by Christopher Silas Neal.  Chronicle, 2011.  Gr. K-3
We know what the world looks like when it snows, but under the snow, there is a secret world of animals that exist in the winter safe and warm. Mixed media illustrations that provide above- and below-ground views supplement the information in the text. Appended facts offer even more for curious readers.

Murphy, Jim.  Blizzard!  Scholastic, 2000.  Gr. 5-9
A highly readable nonfiction account of the blizzard of March, 1888, that paralyzed the northeastern United States. Photographs, maps, and other primary source material add authenticity to Murphy’s exciting narrative.

Norman, Kim.  Ten on the Sled  Illus. by Liza Woodruff. Sterling, 2010.  Gr. P-2
In this colorfully illustrated counting book, ten Arctic animals speed down a hill on a toboggan. There are several wipeouts along the way as snow collects around the animals and they make a huge snowball, also careening down the hill. Great for reading aloud.

Obed, Ellen Bryan.  Twelve Kinds of Ice  Illus. by Barbara McClintock. Houghton Mifflin, 2012.  Gr. 4-6
The author evokes childhood memories in 20 vignettes about the different kinds of ice, from the too-thin first ice to the ice that's perfect for a skating party. Delicate pen-and-ink illustrations add to the nostalgia of these stories that will have readers wishing they could be a part of all the activities.

Perkins, Lynne Rae.  Snow Music.  Greenwillow, 2003.  Gr. K-3
Children in search of a lost dog leave tracks in the snow and cross paths with other animals as they travel. The “music” is the sounds of winter scenes with ink and watercolor paintings that help the notes rise and fall. The overall effect is quiet and lovely.

Pfeffer, Wendy.  The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice.  Illus. by Jesse Reisch.  Dutton, 2003. Gr. 2-4
Clearly written text discusses how ancient cultures interpreted the winter solstice and follows through to present day celebrations. Appended pages include additional facts about the solstice and two science experiments. Realistic illustrations add to the understanding of the concepts.

Prelutsky, Jack.  It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing!  Illus. by Yossi Abolafia.  HarperCollins, 2006.  Gr. K-3
This collection from 1984 has new illustrations, but the bouncy winter poems are as much fun to read as ever!

Pulver, Robin.  Axle Annie.  Illus. by Tedd Arnold.  Dial, 1999.  Gr. K-3
In Burskyville, the schools never have snow days because bus driver Annie is always able to make it up and down the steepest hills. Another bus driver, Shifty Rhodes, doesn’t like his job, especially in the snow, and with the help of the ski resort owner, sets out to stop Annie…can they do it? Cheerful, cartoon illustrations add to the humor of the story. A perfect book to read when a snow day is anticipated.

Purmell, Ann.  Maple Syrup Season.  Illus. by Jill Weber.  Holiday House, 2008.  Gr. K-3
Everyone in the family is involved with the process of making maple syrup from collecting the sap to bottling the syrup. Colorful gouache illustrations contribute details to the story. A glossary and more information about maple syrup are appended.

Regan, Dian Curtis.  The Snow Blew Inn.  Illus. by Doug Cushman.  Holiday House, 2011.  Gr. K-3
It's a snowy afternoon at the Storm Blew Inn as Emma waits for her cousin Abby to arrive for a sleepover. Emma plans what they will do in the snow. But the snowstorm rages, and weary travelers start seeking shelter at the Inn. Before long, the inn is full, and Abby still hasn't arrived. Emma gives up her own room. When Abby comes, they have their sleepover on the parlor floor. Colorful paintings add to this cozy read.

Reid, Barbara.  Perfect Snow.  Albert Whitman, 2011.  Gr. K-3
Two friends, with different personalities, awaken to find that snow has fallen overnight. Both are excited! Quiet Scott perfects his snowman-building; whereas, boisterous Jim pulls all the kids together to incorporate the snowmen into a fabulous fort. Reid's remarkable plasticine illustrations are mesmerizing.

Rocco, John.  Blizzard.  Disney/Hyperion, 2014.  Gr. K-3
The author recounts an event from his childhood when the snow was so deep that people could not get out of their homes. He sets off for the grocery store, stopping for some play along the way, and brings food home for his family and neighbors. Lovely snowy backgrounds in the richly detailed illustrations.

Rockwell, Anne.  The First Snowfall.  Illus. by Harlow Rockwell.  Aladdin, 2014.  Gr. Pre-2  (reissue)
After it snows all night, it's pure magic in the morning. Snow covers everything, and there is so much to do. Enjoy the fun!

Rogasky, Barbara (Selected by).  Winter Poems.  Illus. by Trina Schart Hyman.  Scholastic, 1994.
Gr. 2 & above
Magnificent illustrations, rich in the detail of the winter season, complement this collection of 25 poems from some of the world’s best known poets, including Shakespeare, Frost, Dickinson, and Sandburg.

Root, Phyllis.  Grandmother Winter.  Illus. by Beth Krommes.  Houghton Mifflin, 1999.  Gr. 1-4
Superb word choice in a lyrical text and scratchboard and watercolor illustrations depict the coming of snow when Grandmother Winter shakes her goose down quilt, affecting all living things.

Rosen, Michael J.  Avalanche.  Illus. by David Butler.  Candlewick, 1998.  Gr. 2-4
In this alphabet story for older readers told in rhyme, a boy tosses a snowball to his dog and it enlarges until it becomes an avalanche that engulfs everything in its path. It eventually reduces itself to a snowball again and lands in the dog’s mouth. Colorful collage illustrations help readers understand the snowball’s journey.

Rylant, Cynthia.  Snow.  Illus. by Lauren Stringer.  Harcourt, 2008.  Gr. K-2
A brief, lyrical text celebrates snow and how it makes us feel when it’s a deep snow or just a little bit. We watch it fall and we play in it and it evokes memories. Lovely acrylic illustrations match the text perfectly.

Rylant, Cynthia.  Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days.  Illus. by Sucie Stevenson.  Simon & Schuster, 1999.  Gr. K-2
In the fifth book of their adventures, Henry and his big dog Mudge enjoy snow, cookies from the oven, and the fun of winter.

Rylant, Cynthia.  Poppleton in Winter.  Illus. by Mark Teague.  Scholastic, 2001.  Gr. 1-3
In this installment in the Poppleton series, the pig makes a friend after an accident with an icicle, sculpts a statue of Cherry Sue, and enjoys a surprise birthday party from his friends.

Sakai, Komako.  Snow Day.  Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, 2009.  Gr. Pre-1
When a little rabbit awakens to a lot of snow and the news that school is closed, he is dismayed because he can't go outside until the snow stops. When it finally does, he and his mother have a delightful adventure outside (even though it is nighttime). Exquisite illustrations add to the quiet mood of this gem!

Sams, Carl R. & Stoick, Jean.  Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy.  Carl R. Sams II Photography, 1999.  Gr. K-2
Startled by a bird’s warning that there is a stranger in the woods, the forest animals set out to find the danger and discover a wonderful surprise—a snowman. Beautiful full-color photographs assist in telling the story.

San Souci, Daniel.  North Country Night.  Doubleday, 1990.  Gr. 1-3
Lovely snowy landscapes provide the backdrop for a discussion of the behaviors of nocturnal animals in the winter.

Schachner, Judy.  Skippyjon Jones Snow What.  Dial, 2014.  Gr. K-3
In another gigantico adventure, Skippyjon, the Siamese cat who thinks he's a dog, must travel through a snowy forest to wake up a frozen princess. Is he up to this dangerous task? Readers will laugh their way along with him.

Schertle, Alice.  All You Need for a Snowman.  Illus. by Barbara Lavallee.  Harcourt, 2002.  Gr. Pre-2
A group of small children work together to build a HUGE snowman by continuing to add components with the idea “that’s all you need for a snowman, except…”, inviting the story (and the snowman) to continue by turning the page. Lively watercolor illustrations follow the building process until the snowman is so large, the page has to be viewed sideways to see it.

Schnur, Steven.  Winter: An Alphabet Acrostic.  Illus. by Leslie Evans.  Clarion, 2002.  Gr. 1-4
Illustrated with lovely linoleum cut art, 26 acrostic poems, each about a particular aspect of winter, are arranged alphabetically. These might inspire students to try their hand at writing their own acrostic poems.

Shulevitz, Uri.  Snow.  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1998.  Gr. K-2
A spare text and gray cityscapes of watercolor washes are transformed when a small boy believes that it is snowing after just a few flakes fall. The city becomes even more enchanted when some Mother Goose characters leave a bookshop to join the boy as he frolics in the deepening snow. 1999 Caldecott Honor Book.

Spinelli, Eileen.  Cold Snap.  Illus. by Marjorie Priceman. Knopf, 2012.  Gr. K-3
The first cold days of winter are fun, but when a deep freeze settles in with no relief, the residents of a small town try everything to keep warm. The mayor's wife finally comes up with a plan that brings the community together in warmth. Cheery, cozy illustrations highlight this village that looks like it would be a great place to visit.

Stevenson, James.   Brrr!  Greenwillow, 1991.  Gr. 1-3
When Louie and Mary Ann complain about the cold weather to Grandpa, he tells them one of his famous tall tales about a time when it was VERY cold.

Stewart, Melissa.   Under the Snow.  Illus. by Constance R. Bergum.  Peachtree, 2009.  Gr. K-2
Text and lovely watercolor illustrations tell what a variety of woodland and pond animals do under the snow and ice. Good science read-aloud for a snowy day.

Stojic, Manya.  Snow.  Knopf, 2002.  Gr. K-2
Oil paintings and lyrical language depict the preparation for snow by the forest animals and its eventual onset.

Stringer, Lauren.  Winter is the Warmest Season.  Harcourt, 2006.  Gr. K-3
The warm and cozy pleasures of winter flow across the pages accompanied by cheerful acrylic paintings.

Thompson, Lauren.  Mouse’s First Snow.  Illus. by Buket Erdogan.  Simon & Schuster, 2005.  Gr. Pre-2
Lovely acrylic paintings highlight the joys of Mouse’s first encounter with snow. With his father’s help, Mouse sleds, skates, builds a snow house, and creates a splendid snow mouse.

VanLaan, Nancy.  When Winter Comes.  Illus. by Susan Gaber.  Atheneum, 2000.  Gr. K-2
Rhyming text and colorful acrylic paintings show a family walking through the woods during a snowfall. Throughout the book, the question is raised and answers are provided about where plants and animals go in the winter.

Whipple, Laura (Compiled by).  A Snowflake Fell: Poems about Winter.  Illus. by Hatsuki Hori.
Barefoot Books, 2003.  Gr. 1-5
Pastel and watercolor illustrations adorn this collection of poems that reflect both the whimsical and serious aspects of the winter season.

Wright, Betty Ren.  The Blizzard.  Illus. by Ronald Himler.  Holiday House, 2003.  Gr. 1-3
Billy is disappointed because bad weather will prevent his extended family from visiting on his birthday. What happens instead is that the blizzard forces everyone from his one-room schoolhouse, including the teacher, to spend the night at his house. A wonderful birthday party ensues. The soft watercolor and gouache illustrations have an old-fashioned feel to them and contrast the warm interior of the house with the harsh weather outside.

Yolen, Jane.  Owl Moon. John Schoenherr.  Philomel, 1987.  Gr. K-3
A father and his child wander through the woods on a snowy night looking for owls. Lyrical language and exquisite watercolor paintings make this Caldecott Medal winner a treasure.

Yolen, Jane (Selected by).  Once Upon Ice and Other Frozen Poems.  Photos by Jason Stemple. Wordsong/Boyds Mills, 1997.  Gr. 2-8
Spectacular photographs enhance this collection of winter poetry, reflecting different styles of poems and expressive word choice. Great for reading aloud and sharing the photos.

Yolen, Jane & Stemple, Heidi E. Y.  Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep.  Illus. by Brooke Dyer.  HarperCollins, 2007. Gr. Pre-2
A soothing, rhythmic text follows several animals as they settle in for the winter, eagerly anticipating spring. Cozy illustrations provide humor and give the animals personality.

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